Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Maria's Journey.....

As some of you will know, SincerityGifts is run by Mon and Maria. Those on Twitter and Facebook, may or may not realise that its Me, Monica that you are all interacting with.  This is not because Maria is shy, on the contrary Maria is the bubbly one and I am the shy one! But its easier and less confusing, if just one of us interacts with everyone. 

So i'd like to introduce Maria to you all and her journey......

Maria is a mother of 3 beautiful children, and godmother to my twins. One year ago, a part-time hairdresser, life was good. Then she found a lump in her breast. Her whole world turned upside down. Tests confirmed Cancer. A single Mysectomy quickly followed. A reconstruction was performed at the same time, using microvascular flap from her abdomen. However an infection and two bloodclots that followed, meant she was in hosptial for many weeks. But Maria is a fighter, and in true spirit she was determined to get better. With the   help, support  and encouragement of her husband, family and friends, Maria was up and walking again within 3 months, and determined to join me to walk 5k in the Race For Life. We were all immensly proud of her. 

Maria and Mon with a Nivea Sponsor

Maria didnt stop there, she wanted to start a new business and in October 2010 our SincerityGifts was born. With 7 children between us, It has been an interesting and eventful journey, juggling home, children, and work, but one we wouldnt change.

Maria has shown that its never too late to learn something new, even when life throws challanges at you. 

In January this year Maria was given the all clear and was due to join me once again in the Race for Life - however, complications from her first operation meant she had to have another operation a few weeks ago, and will not be able to walk with me yet. But she continues working hard in the background, taking care of her family, her hairdressing and SincerityGifts. 

I will be running in the Race for Life  on the 19th June 2011 for the 4th time. Why? because I  lost my dear mother on the 19th June 2007. Last month, we lost a dear friend to Breast Cancer. We have lost many friends and relatives along the way to Cancer, but there are many more who are Survivors, which is why we need more research to be done. And my dear friend Maria? well she is one of those survivors, one year in remission. I am running for all these people and more. 

If you wish to donate please visit my page Race For Life Any donation big or small is appreciated and helps

Thank you
Mon and Maria xxx

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